Hi- I’m Alexandra and I am a self made entrepreneur in NYC with big dreams that never end. For a short time I was a plus size model and I had a stint in reality TV (oh just 8 TV shows)- but my true calling is being an entrepreneur. I built a seven figure business with $1500 in less than 2 years. No business partners,  no help from rich parents (I come from a single mother household), and no investors. There’s nothing special here really-I am a driven person from humble begins who does not give up and DOES NOT take no for an answer. When I accomplish one goal, I am already on to the next thing. It’s just who I am. I am here to share my journey for those that are looking to achieve their own goals. May my failures be learning lessons, and my successes and inspiration towards your own journey. Hey, at the core of it all-we are human beings capable of any life we truly want. Let’s make it happen!