How to Get Started With Weight Loss

I know losing weight seems like a daunting task, but it is something that can be done. All you need to do is educate yourself, find what works for you, and just get started!  Losing weight and transforming your body can be difficult goal for anyone to tackle. If you truly want to lose weight, there are a few things you need to know first to get ready for your weight loss journey. Anyone can lose weight no matter how big they are, it is possible, but there are a few secrets to success. Here are some tips that are crucial to remember to get you started with your weight loss program and help you finally achieve your goals!

Picture your new body

I don’t care what size you are now, you MUST picture yourself slimmer. You can picture yourself 30 pounds slimmer or 120 pounds slimmer! Whatever your dream body is, you need to picture that body in your mind every day you wake up. Make a goal chart for yourself, cut out pictures of the body you wish to have, even put your face on the top of the body if it helps. Write down on the goal chart how many pounds you wish to lose as well. Look at this goal chart every single morning without fail. Do not forget it, it is the most important part of losing weight. If you do not set your mind into believing you can get the body you want, then you will never achieve it. Trust me when I say this is the most important step! Spend a few days and focus on this first step alone before you start any other steps to your weight loss program. Getting your mind synched with your body must be achieved first, this can take a day or two or maybe even a week. You will know when you are ready for the next step, your mind will be motivated and your body will ready to begin!

Change what you eat

Once you are mentally prepared to start your weight loss program, then you can concentrate on your diet. The second most important step is to change what you are eating. Losing weight is not always about calories in versus calories out, it is more about the quality of the food you eat. You must throw away any prepackaged foods, foods loaded with GMOs, sugars, processed foods, anything that is fake. A good rule of thumb to remember is that if you cannot pick it, pluck it, or pull it, then DO NOT eat it! Start shopping at your local farmers market. Buy only organic foods and make your own meals. Learn to love and enjoy cooking food and knowing the ingredients in what you are eating. You will find that foods are so much more delicious when they are fresh and unprocessed. Fresher, cleaner foods, are also so much better on your body inside and out. Your body can break down these foods faster as opposed to processed foods that can take forever to break down and digest. Making this adjustment is very important, no more fast foods or late night snacking on junk. You have to make a promise to yourself to put a stop to the junk and unnecessary foods your body does not need. Try and remind yourself to give your body the healthy foods and nutrients it needs. If you have not had much success from dieting in the past, be sure to discuss with your doctor any food allergies that you may have. Your doctor may advise you to refrain from certain foods and see if that can help in the progression of your weight loss plan.

Drink a lot of water

Transforming your body and losing weight is not just about what you eat but also pay close attention to your liquid intake as well. Stay away from sodas! Diet or regular sodas are a big no no. If you are one of those diet coke lovers who have at least two or more a day then you really need to put a stop to it. Soda gives your body absolutely no benefits at all. Your body craves plenty of water and drinking soda just makes it more thirsty. Try to slowly replace each soda with a glass of water. Drinking a full glass of water with lemon as soon as you wake up hydrates your body and boosts your metabolism to get you ready for the day. Get in a routine and try and drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. You will see what a transformation switching to water every day can do to not only your body but also your skin. Not only does your body need the water but there may be times when you think you are hungry but your body is just thirsty. Drinking plenty of water can help curb your appetite while helping your skin glow.

Limit your alcohol intake

Limiting your alcohol intake is also important in losing weight, especially if you enjoy a few beers or a few glasses of wine every night. Save alcohol for those special occasions. Even if you are exercising like crazy and cutting back on the calories, those two or three cocktails at the end of the night can really add up and ruin your weight loss goals. Start off fresh and only drink when necessary for those truly special occasions.

Get moving!

You may wonder why this one isn’t the most important step for trying to lose weight. Exercising and keeping active is crucial to losing weight but you can exercise all you want and never shed a pound if you don’t believe in yourself, eat, and drink right. Those steps need to change before deciding which type of exercise goal you would like to take on. If you are fairly overweight and never exercise at all, then take it slow and start with 15 minute walks around your neighborhood daily until you slowly build up to last longer each week. You want to incorporate at least 30 minutes of activity every day. Once you are at a good walking pace and are ready for a more intense workout, try weight training, pilates, yoga, or continue stick with longer walks or runs if you enjoy more cardio. Once you are a pro at walking, be sure to add some weight lifting, and then you can even do some boot camps or high intensity training. High intensity training will definity change your body and help you reach your goal weight faster. Make sure to do this at least 5-6 days a week and within no time watch your body transform into the body you’ve always desired.

If you really want to lose weight then you have to get your mind set and commit to your goal. See yourself thin and feeling great, seeing is believing! Make it feel like a reward, not a chore, and be proud of yourself the entire time for what you are achieving, every little pound counts. Do not give up! Remember to change your eating and drinking habits first and foremost before you start any type of exercise routine. You can do cardio for hours but it will not help you drop those pounds unless you are eating and drinking properly.


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