About Me…Alexandra Cristin (This is weird)

It’s weird.. to share my life and thoughts on the internet – but truth be told I “made it” by reading and watching other people my age on the internet grow their businesses.  They shared their journey and insight on growing a business – and now it’s my time to do it. I owe it to the universe. This is not a humble brag nor do I have anything to sell you..I’m just sharing my journey as a self made entrepreneur who comes from poverty. -Hi- I’m Alexandra Cristin. Mom, former plus size model and reality TV contestant (lol) accidental Entrepreneur who started an e-com business Glam Seamless Hair Extensions with $1000 and scaled it to over 8 figures per year without any investors or co-founders and then it got acquired.  I am still running the brand, growing and loving my parent company, and deciding if I am crazy enough to do it all again – and build a 9 figure brand. Let’s see what life brings. OH- I forgot to add– just when you think you’ve “made it” you realize we are all humans experiencing the same thing -not matter if you made millions, lost 100 pounds (I’ve done both and nothing changes your internal feelings) so this is all about the real real of learning to deal with real life – and climbing as far as I can away from the poor life I grew up in…

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