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5 Reasons You Need a Community When Building A Business

5 Reasons You Need a Community When Building A Business

The initial excitement of launching and running a business may start to wane when you’re knee-deep in work or experiencing obstacles that seem out of your control. It happens to the best of us. During those harrowing times, what makes it even worse is feeling alone. Yes, you may have a romantic partner, a bevy of friends, and even your own team made of independent contractors or employees, but if none of them are also business owners, they may not understand the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. That in itself might incite the feeling of loneliness. 

What if we told you that the road to earning 7 and 8 figures in your business or acquiring any level of success doesn’t have to be lonely or daunting?

Yes, entrepreneurship is not meant to be experienced in a vacuum or in complete solitude. 

Below, let’s delve a little deeper into why every businesswoman needs a community they can call their own!    

5 Reasons You Need a Community When Building A Business

Reduces Feelings of Loneliness and Isolation   

The Self Made Boss Babe community was created to give successful businesswomen and aspiring boss babes a space where they can feel seen and heard. Sometimes friends and family don’t get that your time and money are limited. The old you would love to do Sunday brunch, but the new you has to schedule your social media posts for the week on Planoly, a social media management tool for entrepreneurs and content creators. 

Take it from us, you’ll have a lot of “I can’t make it, but I still want to be invited” moments. Take it in stride, and know that you’re not alone in any of this! 

If you are already part of this community, great! We encourage your active participation. If you’re not signed up yet, become an SMBB member

Prevent Making Huge Money Mistakes 

Our Chief Self Made Boss Babe, Alexandra Cristin, started her first business, Glam Seamless Hair Extensions, in 2012 with only $1,500. She didn’t have $5,000 or $10,000 to experiment with, so she had to be wise with how she spent her money. 

This community of existing and aspiring businesswomen shares their experience with paid tools and subscriptions that are money-wasters so that you won’t have to burn through your budget fast.

Also, suppose you’re looking to build a team. In that case, you might find your copywriter, graphic designer, or social media influencer right in this group, alleviating the time and money needed to assemble a great team!  

Great for Conducting Market Research 

What if we told you your target audience or customers might be in this community? Here’s an opportunity to pitch your idea and get feedback from fellow women entrepreneurs in this community who could be your target audience and have insights you can apply to your business. 

Conducting market research saves you money in the long, so you’re not talking to the wrong people or offering the wrong product/service.   

Keeps You Accountable 

Having a community of women entrepreneurs that will keep you accountable is invaluable. Sometimes the excitement of starting a business wears off when things get rough, money gets low, or customers stop shopping. It happens, but it’s not the end of your story. 

This community helps you keep up the momentum. 

We don’t want to give too much exclusive info away, but we have virtual mindset workshops and conferences to help you reignite your passion and excitement about your entrepreneurial journey. 

Trust us, we won’t give up on you so easily. 


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Helps to Expand Your Knowledge of Entrepreneurship  

Not everyone can afford a business degree from Stanford or Harvard University. 

(Side note: did you know Stanford actually offers free online courses, yes, it’s true). While it’s great for bragging rights, having a business degree doesn’t automatically guarantee success in running one. There are many factors to consider, like offering the right solutions to the right people or making sure you choose a profitable business model. 

In this community, you’ll be tapped into a network of successful businesswomen and beyond with the cheat codes to success and great insights. And, of course, you’ll learn the basics of business terms and concepts like costs of goods sold, customer avatars, return on investment, profit margin, etc. 

In Conclusion

The Self Made Boss Babe community was created for current and aspiring businesswomen from all walks of life---from stay-at-home moms and soccer moms to women working in Corporate America and college students to help them level up and hit the 7 & 8 figures mark consistently in their businesses. If that’s you, connect with the women in this community who aren’t your competition but your allies, friends, and accountability partners.                                           

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