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Surviving Valentine’s Day Bossed Up and Unbothered 

Surviving Valentine’s Day Bossed Up and Unbothered 

You know what's a federal crime? Stealing your neighbor's mail, again (Elle magazine, anyone?) You know what's not a federal crime?  Not having a date nor a boo for Valentine’s Day.

If hashtags like “Team Us” and “The Bonnie to his Clyde” elude you this year, you’re not alone.

Sometimes entrepreneurship leaves little room for romance, dating, or having a real social life. Who has time to swipe right or left when you’re putting out fires in your business? 

Besides, celebrating Valentine’s Day is not everyone’s jam. “It’s only a marketing scheme,” low effort dudes like to say.   

Some of you might live for V day. You want the works: flowers, candy, rose petals leading to the bedroom, etc. That’s okay too. 

I’m not here to tell you what to do during your off-peak hours, but I know exactly how it feels to think that you’re missing out on something. 

And trust me, you’ll miss out on a lot of things on this self-made boss babe journey. Sometimes, unless I’m running a special holiday sale at, I’m too busy to remember when’s the next holiday. 

I'm neither yay nor nay about dating while you're trying to run a business. Only you know what you can handle. 

The only caveat is entrepreneurship is a lifestyle and whoever becomes your beau or bae has to understand that sometimes you can’t binge watch Netflix all day with him or her. 

If you don't have an assistant yet, who's going to answer these customers' emails if you're knee-deep watching You on Netflix? 

Do I have a boo thing? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z.

Boo’d up or not, I prioritize self-care and love. I have a daughter, so I have to be my best self for her. 

For all my self-made boss babes who are going through a breakup or who you’re still madly in love with your ex, you may want to stay off social media on Valentine’s Day. It might trigger your loneliness and make you feel a tad hurt. We’ve all been there.   

And don't couples showing PDA gross you out when you're experiencing heartache? Okay, Beth, you don't have to make a TikTok or an Instagram Reel on how you cut your man’s food. We get it, you’re in love. 

Now, for all my ladies whose phones have been dry since early 2020, here’s how we’re celebrating. 

Below are Tips for Surviving Valentine’s Day Bossed Up and Unbothered (in no particular order): 

  1. Stick to your usual routine. Valentine’s Day is not an all-day event for everyone. You’re still a boss and can’t play with glitter all day. Get in your usual morning workout or hit your to-do list of non-related Valentine’s Day things. Answer your customer emails. Follow up with vendors and influencers. It’s not a national holiday, folks, so there’s no time and a half. 😊  
  2. On your way back from the gym or running errands, get yourself some flowers and candy. 
  3. Text your family and friends “Happy Valentine’s Day.” V day is not only for lovers. It’s also for the people in your life who you love and cherish. 
  4. If you’re in a city with limited COVID-19 restrictions, meet up with your girlfriends at a bar or restaurant. Don’t forget your mask. 😊 Hey, you might meet a fellow single hottie or two. 
  5. Make your favorite meal, add a nice glass of merlot and chocolate-covered strawberries to the menu. 
  6. Put on the sexiest thing in your closet or put on something red to show that you're in the V Day spirit. 
  7. Read some old love letters and texts—see how far your “pimping” game has come. 
  8. Put on your favorite love songs playlist and sing along. Make an Instagram Reel or a TikTok video.
  9. Look for Valentine’s Day deals from companies that you frequent for your business.
  10. Decorate your living space with Valentine’s Day decorations.
  11. Make yourself a nice bubble bath and some rose petals.  Surround your bathtub with candles.
  12. Try on a new perfume. Get Valentine's Day inspired lounge or sleepwear. Take a sexy, but tasteful selfie. Watch the “hey, stranger” texts start rolling in (if that’s what you want 😊). 
  13. Book a trip to the spa. Scope out deals on or social media.
  14. Gift yourself a new bag or something you’ve been eyeing (if feasible). Wrap it up and act surprised when you open it. :)
  15. Watch your favorite chick flick. The Notebook, anyone? Or Natural Born Killers. There’s a love story in there somewhere, I swear.
  16. Buy some flowers or candy for a friend, your mom, or someone who holds a special place in your heart. Trust me, giving goes a long way.
  17. Invite your girl friends over. Make it a Friendsgiving 2.0.
  18. Send yourself a Valentine’s Day card, describing all things you love about yourself.
  19. Get some journaling done. Write down your thoughts about this day (good or bad), and how you plan on spending it next year.  
  20. Send your customers a Valentine's Day discount. Hey, if you can't get any love on Valentine's Day, at least make some money. :)

I hope you enjoyed this list as much I had fun putting it together. Personally, I plan on having fun on Valentine’s Day. I already have a phone script in mind (you can copy it if you want). 

I know my family and friends will get a kick out of hearing me say, “Welcome to I wear my heart my sleeve, how may I help you?”

How do you plan on spending Valentine’s Day?  

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