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What's The Alexandra Cristin Prayer?

What's The Alexandra Cristin Prayer?

There is a running joke within the urban music community about what prayer was recited by singer Ciara that helped capture her husband's heart. Her hubby is none other than the highly successful, gorgeous, and gallant Seattle Seahawks football player, Russell Wilson. (She shared her prayer on Summer Walker's latest album, Still Over It.) 

Like us, if you have thumb fatigue from swiping left on F boys found on dating sites, with no Russell Wilson in sight, you much rather hear about what prayer did our Chief Self-Made Boss Babe Alexandra Cristin said to turn her into THAT CHICK. (Her prayer is below.)

And while she might have prayed, she put some actions behind that prayer. She wasn't born with a lot, but her entrepreneurial spirit ascended her to heights she never dreamed of. Read her story here

If you're unsure if you possess an entrepreneurial spirit, a.k.a business mindset, let's define it for your edification. 

What is Entrepreneurial Spirit? 

An entrepreneurial spirit is a relentless drive to succeed at all costs. While some people might be born with it or display it flawlessly, others must develop it. There's not a wrong or right way to pursue this mindset. However, it's something that you must work on constantly. 

Below are common traits that successful entrepreneurs possess: 


Running a business and attaining success look different for everyone. However, similar character traits keep entrepreneurs going, even when the odds and sometimes their balance sheets are stacked against them. Entrepreneurs are visionaries and problem solvers. One of their biggest obstacles is breaking through barriers, such as lack of capital and support, to help them get to the next level. Sometimes, being an entrepreneur means rebranding your business with a clearer message and vision to help reach your target audience. It might mean sleeping on someone's couch (we don't recommend that) to save money to buy an office space. Essentially, possessing determination is how you develop a "By any means" superpower. 


Contrary to popular belief, a vision doesn't come from thin air. When you have a big idea, how you plan on executing it and meeting your goals are all part of the vision. Vision is not absent of thorough research, benchmarking, and acquiring the tools and resources, you need to bring it to fruition. A vision doesn't have too big. You don't need to create the next TikTok or popular app. Simply envisioning a storefront that becomes a neighborhood gem works as well. Another thing to consider, visions change and expand.  You can go from wanting one storefront to envisioning a fleet of stores in different cities.  


Nothing crushes a big idea more than a low vibrational, never built anything but has tons of opinion cynic. Be careful who you share your dreams with. Not everyone can think beyond their current situation, nor are they willing to do the work to change their reality. And while it's important to be pragmatic and do research to make sure you're making the right moves, letting an idea simmer because of naysayers and small thinkers is not beneficial to you. There comes a time when you say F*** it and take a risk that will change your life (even if the real change or shift happens years later). 


We don't mean to sound like an afternoon at a Women's Empowerment Brunch or a Ted Talk, but confidence does go a long way. Waking up in the morning and saying to yourself, "I have the tools, skills, and the knowledge to go after my dreams" sets the tone for everything that you. How you feel about yourself and your abilities will spill over into your business or initiatives. Lack of confidence will tell you all the time and will be apparent to the people you do business with.  Even if you're asked a question you don't answer while conducting business, never say, "I don't know." Instead, here's what to say to maintain your prospect's confidence in your service: "That's an excellent question. Let me discuss this with my team and get back to you." 

Decision Maker 

We sympathize with boyfriends who have girlfriends who never know what they want to eat. Hearing "I don't care, choose something" followed by "No, not that" is the cause for an immediate breakup.  All jokes aside, if you're not good at making decisions, decisions will be made for you involuntarily. While you're deciding when to launch your business, your Shopify and Mailchimp bills are piling and you're not making revenue. Entrepreneurs make decisions. Launch that business. Create that partnership. Reach out to influence.  


The entire premise of entrepreneurship is finding a problem that people will pay you to solve. It can be in the form of a service or product. For instance, one of Alexandra Cristin's businesses is Tribe 35, a size-inclusive athleisure brand where women of all shapes and sizes can shop for fitness clothes. Along with her partner, Denise Hopkins, she discovered a massive gap within the athleisure industry and became determined to fill it. There will be instances when problems arise within your business—it could be monetary or qualitative, like low productivity amongst your employees. As a self-made boss, you must find solutions. Productivity and employee morale are low? Give incentives to employees to meet sales goals. Not a lot of foot traffic by your restaurant, and thus it's affecting your revenue? Attend neighborhood events to promote your business. Again, finding solutions doesn't have to be extravagant. Making minor adjustments can yield exponential improvements. 

If anyone tells you that being an entrepreneur is easy, then they're trying to set you up for failure. Entrepreneurship will test your patience, confidence, integrity, mental health, and every single nerve in your body. You must revisit your vision and speak to yourself constantly (you can answer back) to keep going. And like with anything, you must treat your entrepreneurial spirit or mindset like a muscle. Work consistently, and if you're lucky, you'll have the tightest buns; we mean one of the most successful businesses out there.  

Alex’s Prayer 

Lord, It’s me again, Alex!

I hope you aren’t tired of me yet.

I need you now more than ever.

I’m almost down to my last dime with this big dream that you’ve given me.

I’m uncertain if my next set of moves will make me or break me.

But I’m pressing on, Lord!

Lord, you’ve seen the disappointments.

You’ve seen the underwhelming career moves.

You’ve seen people with hidden agendas.

You’ve seen the one-sided relationships and the fake friends.

I come to you, knowing that you wouldn’t give me a dream that YOU couldn’t fund.

Nor would you give me a vision I couldn’t attain.

I know that you’re sovereign.

You’re all-knowing.

You’re omnipotent.

Lord, I’m here to do my part.

I’m here to inspire.

Help me to always show up.

Help me to never take “no” for an answer.

Help me to always find a way.

If one door closes, help me to find a back door.

If the back door is closed, help me to locate the roof.

Lord, I beg of you to remove every hint of defeat, jealousy, or envy.

Please help to celebrate others’ wins.

Help me to overcome losses.

Align me with the people who can help me get to the next level.

Bless my mentors.

Bless my coaches.

Bless my peers.

Bless my vendors.

When I get to my destination, help me to lift others as I continue to climb.

Protect my family.

Protect my friends.

Protect my brand.

Protect my vision.

Give me discernment.

Increase my business savvy.

Help me to maintain my integrity.

Help to BOSS UP in my mind and actions.

Lord, I want people to see you when they look at me.

Because it’s through you I can gain my strength, motivation, and determination.

Please continue to oversee and direct everything that I do.

In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen!

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