Alexandra Cristin


Fun fact: when I started my first business, Glam Seamless, in 2012, I had no prior business experience. I mean, zilch! Nada! With hard work and consistency, I was able to turn my side hustle into a full-fledged eight-figure business using $1500 of my own money. There were no sugar daddies. No investors. No rich boyfriends. Just me and a robust Google search history on how to start a business and scale it to six figures.   

But let's rewind a little bit to where it all began. By the way, I'm Alexandra Cristin—Alex for short. Growing up as the only child of a single mother who worked tirelessly to make ends meet had its challenges. Let's just say the neighborhood I grew up in was filled with hustlers but not the kind you'd see in Tech Crunch and Forbes magazine. Luxuries such as taking piano and dance lessons were not afforded to me until at the age of nine, when I got the amazing opportunity to attend a boarding school called Milton Hershey, which was started by The Hershey Company (Hershey's chocolate.) The school helps children from low-income families escape poverty through education, offering everything from school clothing to extracurricular activities to funds for college. I was lucky enough to attend the school for nine years, and it changed my life.   

At 18, I moved to New York City to study business at Pace University, and I graduated with my degree in 2011. At the time, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I was not drawn to the corporate world, so I tried many different side hustles – plus-size modeling, Reality TV, and working as a nanny. At twenty-three, I started my business Glam Seamless as another side hustle. Ten years later, my company has grown to an 8-figure company. 

Today, I'm the mother of two little girls: Ava and Valentina, a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and now I'm your Self-Made Boss Babe Fairy Godmother. I created Self-Made Boss Babe because, like you, I couldn't afford mentors, business coaches, and $10K Mastermind programs. I used my Twitter fingers to search every Youtube video on starting a business, and I went through a lot of trial and error before something stuck.  

I'm here to tell you if I can make it, anyone can. No, really, trust me, your girl came from the era of wearing discount store makeup and thrifting (not the kind where you found hidden gems). I was thrifting out of necessity.  

I had no plan B. This whole entrepreneurship thing had to work because I couldn't dread being in the confines of a cubicle or making small talks by the water cooler.

If you're passed the stage of playing it small or traveling to a job you hate, then being part of the Self Made Boss Babe community is where you need to be!