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Welcome to the Self Made Boss Babe Community

Bringing mentorship, connections, education and advice for entrepreneurs to start, scale and grow.

Welcome to the Self Made Boss Babe Community

Bringing mentorship, connections, education and advice for entrepreneurs to start, scale and grow.

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I’m Alexandra Cristin

let's make money

Don't be fooled by constantly seeing me featured in high-profile magazines

such as Forbes and Entrepreneur and my T.V. appearances on Good Morning America (GMA), it took me years to gain the visibility and recognition for the blood, sweat, and tears I put into building an 8 figures business from the ground up! I am a walking, breathing, and living testament that "it takes ten years to be an overnight success." I'm Alexandra Cristin, and I became a self made millionaire at 29 while raising a baby. By no measure was I born with a silver spoon in my mouth, nor did I have a head start. I grew up poor and raised by my mom, who was single and completely self-reliant. Despite the countless curve balls thrown at me, I prevailed and created and scaled an 8 figure business with only $1500 (from a tax refund).

At the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, it was lonely and required a huge amount of time investment. I searched high and low for women mentors to no avail. The circles I was in didn't give me access to the affluent or knowledgeable individuals.

The mentors I did find were mainly men who were much older than me, established, and came from privileged backgrounds. (I needed people in my corner I could relate to.)

After selling my company, Glam Seamless, and starting the Alexandra Cristin Foundation (ACF), where I give away scholarships and business grants each year and host mentoring, I decided to form a community for women who aspire to someday hold the title of self made like myself. That is why I created the Self Made Boss Babes community, a place where women can come together for mentoring, sharing resources, networking, and building long-lasting relationships.

If you're looking for advice, accountability, connections, and even business grants to start or scale your business, you can become a member and start to take control of your future. I always think to myself, what if I never started Glam Seamless? Would I still be dodging intrusive questions from nosey coworkers? Or would I still be waiting for another annual $1 raise? Don't let another day pass you by wishing you started earlier or you took your business to the next level - the time is now!

Community and Connection

This Is How You Get Ahead

When I would attend business conferences, I only heard other women founders like Ali Webb of DryBar, Rebecca Minkoff, and Toni Kuo, the founder of NYX (who sold for 500 million), talk about how they had $200,000 to start their businesses! What? Never--all I had was $1500, no experience, and a few mentors, so although their companies are amazing, I couldn't relate to their stories. So I made up my own formula to create and scale my business to move more than 10 million dollars in revenue per year and wrote it down, and kept it as my secret. It was lonely at the top, but my mentors helped me.

I've created this for anyone looking to have a community and get support and connections to help go further and faster in the entrepreneurial journey.

What We Can Do For You

Blueprint Guides

Blueprint guides should never read like hieroglyphics.You'll have access to easy-to-read and easy-to-implement business guides that will take the mystery out of starting, maintaining, and scaling your business to 8 figures.

Exclusive Insights

Get business insights in real-time. You'll find out what's trending in business and investments as well as the marketing tools and practices you need to implement ASAP. One of the most important things about being a self made boss babe is knowing the ins and outs of your industry and staying abreast with new insights that can positively or negatively impact your business.


Everything starts with a community. Find your biggest cheerleaders, knowledgeable and resourceful fellow self made boss babes, committed to lifting you others as they climb and creating even more opportunities for themselves and others. You also never know who can help you- you never know who you can meet in our community - from other co-founders to investors and co-creators our network is robust and filled with other female entrepreneurs.

This Is For You If

  • 1
    You dread the sight of a cubicle and loathe the office politics and gossip that accompanies it .
  • 2
    You’re over the false sense of job security when there really isn’t any.
  • 3
    You’re ready to control how much you earn without the proverbial salary cap from working a regular 9-5.
  • 4
    You value your complete autonomy and don’t like being micromanaged.
  • 5
    You always wanted to work for yourself but didn’t know where to start.
  • 6
    You want to build your own legacy and not build someone else’s.
  • 7
    You enjoy and value being around other women with similar business and life goals.

What People Are Saying

Hali B.

Business owner

I’m completely new to entrepreneurship, but my knowledge is expanding daily by being part of this community. Alexandra is amazing as a business coach.

Jennifer A.


I went from feeling anxious and nervous about starting my own business to launching and making sales daily! I have this team to thank.

Mansi O.

Business owner

Alexandra motivated me to stop playing it small and launch my business. 6 months later, I was up and running and making sales daily.

Veronica M.


This community and my business coach, Alexandra, helped me step out of my comfort zone and launch my business. Joining Self Made Boss Babe was probably one of the best decisions I made for my business.

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