5 truths about money

5 truths about money

Money is controversial, not spoken about, and central to our lives. A lot of people get weird when it comes to money. They do not want to talk about it. I want to talk about it because I learned hard truths about money over this past decade going from having a negative bank account to having an abundance of money. Owning a business I have managed hundreds of thousands of dollars  – I have made a lot of money, yet sadly, I have wasted a lot of money. To me, the most important thing about money is making it (yes, keeping it too, but you have to master the money making skill)! I love money and I am obsessed with it. People have all types of addictions and mine happens to be making money. Growing up poor and having nothing, I yearned for an unlimited bank account, I was jealous of Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone when he got to rack up his parents credit card and buy all those toys and stay in a fancy hotel. I grew up with no money and so I had this deep desire for an abundance of money.  But the more money I made, I realized the truth about money, but I did not see a lot of people talk about it. Money only buys you better memories (and a better home), it does not buy happiness, it does not take away your insecurities. Yet, I cannot stand when we say “money doesn’t matter” it does matter. But not for the reasons you think it does. Let’s discuss modern day truths about money. 

Money is a made up social construct. People in society have agreed to give it importance/value. Therefore, money can be attained. Anyone can make money – even those who were like me – starting from the bottom (with no parents or family to even provide me with money).  I love money, because you can manifest it. Money can be made any where, by any one, at any time of the day. Anyone can attract money and how you use it will be the difference in how much of it you can earn!  Here are the 5 truths about money – how to make it – keep it – what to do with it (and why it’s not what you think it is.)

  1. Anyone can make more money via manifestation (law of attraction). Change your thoughts around money to make more of it. Do not think or say out loud anything negative around money “I have issues with money, I cannot make money”. Also, be cautious of those around you, friends or family members that may be struggling with money manifestation. Their energy can rub off on you and make a direct impact on your ability to attract more money. Their negative beliefs can easily become your own. 
  2. Keeping all of your money in the bank will not get you more of it. You should use money to invest in to others (but not charity). Giving back via charity is great, but that should be the LAST thing you do. Put your own oxygen mask on first. Make your money, get your finances secured first and take care of your family. Don’t worry- there are a TON of wealthy people investing in to charity as they are looking for tax donations. Don’t feel bad not giving it to charity until you are 100% financially secure. If you are the altruistic type, learn a way to monetize your altruism. This will be best for the universe. Let’s say you are good at something, teach it and sell it, make it and sell it…This will allow you to make more money AND CREATE JOBS – giving others opportunities. Use your money to make more money. 
  3. Speaking of charity –  avoid charity cases. I am talking about your friends and family who are looking for hand outs once they see you are doing good. Handing out money to others will not help them – they have to work for it. I watched my money start to do well, and give her last to her family for them to never pay her back and NEVER learn how to hustle and make their own. Giving others usually does not help them. A one time emergency, sure. But sharing your knowledge or creating a job for friends and family in need of money is much more responsible. 
  4. Keep reinvesting your money in to yourself to earn more of it (save some – like 20%) -from vanity such as hair, gym nails, to courses and books – invest your money to better yourself. Investing in yourself will allow you to make more money! Looking good really pays off too- you look good and next you know your energy changes. You are confident and feeling good. That confidence will attract people in to your life and new opportunities will appear- for a new job, a new circle of friends. So go ahead, invest in to those hair extensions, buy that book off amazon, spending on these things will actually help you earn more! 
  5. People (mostly the ones that do not know you well) will treat you different when you have money– some may be opportunistic and attempt to befriend you only because of your financial status.  Some may not like you because you have money and they do not – they have issues attracting money and therefore (Especially if they come from a similar background that you do!) this person may not like you for no apparent issue. They may be deep down feeling so insecure because of the financial comparison. 

How to make it: Write down how much money you want to have over the next 6 months, 1 year, 3 and 5 years! Lock it away and do not lose it. Then write it down several times. Go out and make money. Making money is really easy. My mom always had a full time job and side hustle. Watching her hustle hard like that showed me anything is possible – even though she never got rich she started to always have a little extra for fun things to do later in my life. She started a temporary tattoo business at a farmers market where a lot of kids were and it was easy to charge $8 a spray tattoo that took 5 minutes. She resold Coach bags on eBay that she would get from an outlet. Hustle hard. Do not waste time on social media and Netflix if you want a lot more money. Use that time to connect, inspire yourself, and get new skills to make money. When you return to your paper of how much money you wanted, you will have most likely exceeded it. 

Before I started Glam, I used to make money online as an affiliate selling products I loved.  Any bit of money help. PS-If you love hair extensions or are in the beauty industry- Glam Seamless has an amazing affiliate program to earn money in your sleep referring people to extensions! Trust me, everyone wants to look good. 

Never be satisfied keep earning more. Money is too easy to spend. Having passive income or more income will be sure way to ensure you never run out.

How to keep it: Keep making more if it- never stop looking for opportunities to make passive income. When you get it, you have to use it wisely. Pay attention when something you are investing is asking for TOO MUCH money- walk away. People will demand more money from you as you make more, and ask you to pay way above market value. Do not be fooled and waste your money. You have to be a good steward of your money. Do not be a fool or you will lose it. When you have money, but do your research before you decide to spend money. I have wasted  hundreds of thousands of dollars investing in the wrong thing (or people). Hold your money and only spend it where you know you are going to get a GOOD return. The minute you feel it is a waste of tour money, cut ties immediately. Do not waste another dollar. Invest small before you invest big. 

These are the hard facts I have learned about money thus far. I am still learning about money. It’s truly only the pursuit of money that makes you better as it builds your character and strengthens you as a person- money does not make you happier. It does buy you time (to make more money) and it does give better memories. Still, chase it, attract it, and go out there and manifest it! 

What to do with it: Use the money to make more money! Have three buckets and spend accordingly- Safety (home/cash savings) Risk (stocks, a new business etc) and Dream. Divide it up and keep to the budget you set for each budget. If you need more, borrow it, as you will make it back! Do not be scared to borrow to make more. 

Me personally- I do not invest a lot in to stocks or real estate (not yet).  I am really good a businesses and I get a better return starting a business than I do putting it in to stocks or real estate. That is just ME. I know myself and this is where I know I will make the most money. Go with what you feel 100% confident in spending your money. Who cares if they say real estate is good – if thats not your passion or you feel like you can make more money in dog training – for example – go do that. Follow your heart- not the media. 


“It doesn’t matter about money; having it, not having it. Or having clothes, or not having them. You’re still left alone with yourself in the end.”

Billy Idol

“I made my money the old-fashioned way. I was very nice to a wealthy relative right before he died.”

Malcolm Forbes


“Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Never stand begging for that which you have the power to earn.”

Miguel de Cervantes

“It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating.”

Oscar Wilde

So make your money, work on yourself, invest in yourself and others – and go live your best live! ………………

One last annoying thing for those still reading (Thank you) Enjoy your money when you can and do not waste it. But know – money has to be worked for and maintained. I have a friend who said her mother in law said “Why do you want all that money, you will never enjoy it”. I was offended, her mother in law was right. I am constantly working -but the times I am not – I am giving my daughter the BEST LIFE – and that is my money motivation.

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