The key to quick success? Moving on…

The key to quick success? Moving on…

I hate moving on, it’s one of the hardest things for me, but the reality is that it’s inevitable and it is one of the most important things to master in life. It’s like ripping off a bandaid – the anticipation of ripping it off is much worse than actually doing it. It’s the thought – the preconceived notion and fear that “this will hurt”. But the reality is, you cannot accept life’s gifts if you do not let go. Letting go is the key to continuing to have success and abundance in your life – but it’s that one thing that I have seen us all get tripped up over. I’ve watched us all cry over losing a job, losing a love, or having something we wanted so much almost in our hands and then it went out again. It’s like we attach ourselves to these identities – but the human brain does not like change and it fights it. The reality is, we experienced these things simply to teach us lessons – not to hold on them forever.  When we fail to let go, we hold ourselves back from our dream life and delay our growth. 

I have major abandonment issues from childhood (my dad left at birth, my mom never around working) so clinging to things has always been my vibe, until I started sitting quietly with my thoughts. I started listening to my intuition and started to hear little whispers about certain situations. Sometimes I would just feel the need to go in certain situations – and in all of my early twenties I would stay longer than needed in certain situations until I put myself in a bad headspace daily and would break down or I would get pushed out of that situation. I started watching this pattern and realizing – I heard little whispers within myself to leave certain situations but decided to stay…This then would keep me stuck in situations where I was really wasting time, energy and ultimately so miserable that I would make bad decisions in many areas of my life…It took me quite some time to realize this toxic pattern. 

One day I did it, I practiced leaving a situation I did not feel like I was growing in or my energy was not being used properly… I was working as an intern in NYC at Access Hollywood. I wanted to be validated so bad by having this big name internship. However, the department I was working for was highly unorganized and they were not prepared for interns…They would ignore interns and had no one to develop us. I felt sick to my stomach like I was wasting my time, I needed more than just a big name internship, I needed to learn something. They kept pushing off meaningless work on us all the time. I decided three weeks in – I would leave. I did not tell anyone, I just knew it was time to go. I up and left one day and never returned. Now, I cannot remember what I did after this and where I invested my time- but I remember being proud of myself in this moment. To leave behind a big name internship at 22 and trust that I would be able to make it on my own with or without another big name internship. This was one of the building blocks of my confidence, leaving something that the corporate world deemed as necessary to having success. Leaving can actually build confidence and give you the push you need to really go chase what you need. 

Let’s not even talk about leaving love – the thing that we all yearn for. This is something I have done before, and let me tell you, it was one of the hardest things I had to move on from. I am talking real love too, soul mate love, not just a stupid boyfriend. But again, I looked at my energy, I looked at the patterns and decided long term leaving would be best for all parties involved. After leaving love, I found myself in a happier place. And no, I am not talking about I found a new man and therefore I was happier. I am talking about again, leaving, but the real underlying theme here: leaving situations that no longer serve (quickly after truly assessing the situation) when you do this you build you up and put you on the path you are meant to be on..when you gain the strength to do this in many areas of your life then you become the person you want to be. 

So why is leaving quickly better than staying and “sticking it out” in something (a job, a friendships, relationships)? Staying longer only prolongs your suffering and it delays who you are really meant to be. I believe the universe has written plans for us all, and we all have to perform certain moves in life to make the whole picture come to life. When you go against what the universe is trying to tell you, there are consequences to your life. I have experienced this personally. Leaving, gaining clarity and strength is one of the quickest ways to have success and a dream life faster. If you are feeling unsettled – ask yourself – what can I do to make this situation better- how can I contribute and show up better to get more out of it – how can I grow and approach this stronger..If you attempt to do this and keep experiencing a bad situation, you must go no matter the circumstances or how hard it seems it will be or how fearful you are.  

I have watched friends stay in things no longer serving them – but they stay because trying to make it works seems more honorable than actually chasing the life they want and deserve (And putting in the work and facing the fear of leaving a bad situation)…it’s sad to watch people stay in things that no longer serve them. I was this person before, but no longer. This year I decided to move on from some big things that I stayed too long in, but 6 months later I am free, stronger, on a better path, and living a much better life. I decided to leave and create my dream life alone, and I am lighter (literally and spiritually), experiencing more prosperity and truly feel like I am accelerating my life faster than had I had stayed in stations that no longer serve me…

Last thing I will say is, trust the timing of your life, we all have stayed too long in situations. But, if you are reading this and thinking of a situation you are simply not growing iM but scared to grow – move on now. Make your plan and leave. The quicker you can get out of places where you are no longer growing, the fast you can experience the life you want….KEEP pushing. 

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