Why I moved to Los Angeles

Why I moved to Los Angeles

11 years ago at the age of 19, I was first flown out to Los Angeles to appear on a reality show. Prior to that, I never visited California. After that, I was flown in to town every 3-6 months for TV shows for the next several years for other reality TV stints.  Although it was nice, I never had any desire to move there. ZERO. Every experience I had in California was great; chill, filled with good energy and great memories. Then when I become a mother, I suddenly had this yearning to move to California. I couldn’t shake it – I wanted to move there. I would say it over and over, I would obsess over moving there. I would look up homes, Google “moving form NYC to Los Angeles” over and over. I read blogs, watched countless Youtube videos, I was looking to see if I should do it. I never did. Then in this past year I went to California for work every 2-3 months. California is of course our top state in terms of revenue for my business- so work started to bring me there a lot.  I met amazing people, loved the vibe, and had some pretty funny things happen to me. Every time I worked in California for the last year I was filled with good energy. I would meet these amazing and talented humans, they were more social than in NYC, and I just started loving it.   I remember bringing my team last summer and going hiking again – it was so fun. I contemplated, wrote it down that I would move to California, but never ever took the leap…Until Covid-19 happened. 

Covid-19 struck the world -and there I was right in the middle of it. NYC and NJ got hit hard. Many I knew started fleeing the city. There I was stuck in my 3 bed room apartment – even though I had floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the city and a private terrace I started to feel suffocated. I needed to go. I started looking up homes, found an amazing one, picked a date and decide to leave. I had some personal things going on too, that made it really easy to just pick up and leave. I had a friend who had 3 kids, during COVID-19 took them to Florida and left her husband behind (he had to remain for work ) and she was happier and healthier than ever. I envied her and thought -if she can up and leave to Florida with 3 children – I can do it with one. My nanny was open to the experience as well. I had my perfect set up – Nanny available, offices and building amenities shut down for August it was time. I also had a friend, who’s other friend died at the age of 34 in April, it made me think, I could die at any moment and life is just too short to not live exactly how I want to live. It was all aligning…nothing was left for me in NYC/NJ. 

That is the thing about moving places – as an adult it is SO HARD to just up and move. It’s like you think about it over and over and most people only ever move for work. Well, I am an entrepreneur, work was never going to move me anywhere – I had to make the call.  I don’t miss being in my 20s- but I miss how little responsibility there was and how much risk I could take in my 20s. I remember being 18 and moving to NYC from Pennsylvania. I picked up packed and move with no problem. But after 13 years in NYC / NJ area – I was just done. NYC is where I cam to “make it” and make it I did…But I am ready now to live a balanced, healthy, happy life. NY could never offer me that. It was all work and stress, and I have already “made it” I don’t need to live like that any more. 

I had friends who moved from NJ to Miami 2 years ago – we saw them at a Tony Robbins event a few months ago – and guess what – they said they are so happy they left and that they used to just work all the time while in NJ -now they have so much more balance and they feel they are actually living. That was me – working all the time. Too close to the business, and it became all consuming and not in a healthy way. Working 7 days a week for 7 years paid off – but it became too much. I started to find myself feeling stagnant. I knew I had to move. 

I always wondered, would I be happier with warmer weather? But as I got older -I knew that answer was NO. “Where ever you go, there you are” is what they say. So I moved across the country knowing that this would not take away my problems, but it would help me grow.  I also didn’t move to California for years because I was afraid I would not fit in with this stick thin, blonde/blue eyed preference, or “fake” personality. I realized, people are fake every where, and I am who I am – I will still attract amazing friends and life. 

The truth is, I moved because I wanted a better life for myself and my daughter. I have a vision, that includes walking the hills where we live, beaches and hiking on the weekend, opening a Glam Seamless store, going to Agape spiritual services – and I was literally pulled here by the universe. I felt that this was the right move, the right time. I knew nothing was in NYC/NJ for us. I wanted a life that was more relaxed, but still had an entrepreneurial focus with many creative people around. I wanted a life that was easier than NYC/NJ was not an easy life – it was so hard. So many people on the side walk, hard to find parking. Sure LA has traffic, but I plan on staying in one area.  Something was pulling here, just like it did when I was 18 to move to NYC. I was accepted to a college closer to home in PA that was more affordable. I opted to move to NYC with a more expensive school – PA was more comfortable., closer to home, and I did not need any student loans. NYC was far away, I knew no one, and I needed student loans. I knew I had to be in NYC – I just HAD to be – I knew it at the age of 18. I do not regret those 13 years there. I always think -wow – I would never be who I am if I stayed in PA!  Something was calling me to California, it was like a “Whisper” that Oprah says – when you know – you know. I heard the whisper for years and ignored it – it was not the right time. But realizing that life is too short, that anyone moment we could die, I knew I had to go and try. I do not know what the future holds, but I know I value growth. Staying in one spot for the rest of my life would not yield growth – and so I made the scary decision at 31 with a 3 year old -to up and leave what was to familiar and comfortable to me. I know that this is apart of my ascension and I knew it was time to go. A few days here and we are really happy and free. More space, better weather, there is actual grocery delivery (there was NOT in NJ – It shut down)

If you are looking at doing something new, now is the time. Whether it is a move, a new business, if you are being CALLED to do something, now is the time to get up and MOVE. Do not sit still, your life plan and dream awaits.  You may not know why you are being called to do something, but know that it is a sign. You should follow it and see where it leads you.  

My new place in Los Angeles.

  • Theresa
    Posted at 08:40h, 18 May Reply

    Beyond HAPPY for you all! We will chat soon, I cannot wait to hear your voice! love you dearly!. xooxxx

  • Wendy
    Posted at 16:47h, 18 May Reply

    You know I did it and it has been so self esteemable. Happiest I’ve ever been. And also have now found the man of my dreams

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